CIFS-over-SSH for Windows 10: Tweaking the 'LanmanServer' driver (old)


This page is part of the CIFS-over-SSH tutorial for Windows 10. You are reading this most likely because the method to start the iphlpsvc service using a system dependency did not work for you.

Here you will find the old set of instructions, which might work better.

Tweaking the 'LanmanServer' driver (old)

Now we first need to tweak a Windows system driver to overcome the thing that Microsoft broke. The root cause of the problem is that we need to access the file share using TCP port 445. However, when Windows 10 boots this port is grabbed by the system lanmanserver driver for all interfaces. By delaying the startup of the lanmanserver driver and by installing a portproxy rule we can circumvent this. This section explains how to do this: If all went well you should see something like
The portproxy rule is persistent, so there should be no need to repeat this step after a reboot.

You can now continue with the rest of the tutorial, starting at the Verify section.